Mastering distribution and service:

For over 25 years Thomas J. Madden and Associates, Inc. has represented companies that are leaders in the design and manufacturing of products for police, fire, ambulance, funeral, department of transportation and towing professionals. Utilizing the latest cutting edge technology, Thomas J. Madden and Associates, Inc. can provide you with an array of products and technological services designed exclusively for maximum warning protection.

As you look you will find several different solutions.  We will help and point you in the right direction.  Some solutions are  more complex or regional designs, we will be glad to help shed some light on exactly what you need.

More than just flashing lights and loud noises.  When it comes to building a real solution for your growing fleets, our trained staff can help to direct you in the areas you need for the latest technology to help in safety and usability, while adhering to your ever shrinking budgets.

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